Our role as community Pharmacists is to continually strive to improve patient outcomes from the medication therapy that is prescribed by a Physician. As a result, we chose to open a compounding-only pharmacy to focus on compounding and disease management. Our goal includes ensuring that patients are receiving the best dosage form for their treatment, providing medication education, and also monitoring the effectiveness of therapy through disease state management.

Our pharmacy is unique in that it is a disease-management pharmacy where our patients receive individual attention and pharmaceutical compounding services. We combine advanced technology and equipment to ensure pharmaceutical grade products of the highest quality. We will custom compound prescriptions written by your physician specifically for you.

The practice of a Compounding Pharmacy is the art and science of preparing customized medications written by your physician, on an individualized patient basis.  Individualized compounding offers the ideal opportunity to personalize and improve the care that each patient receives while increasing the chance of achieving the best possible outcome.

You may contact us for more information about how we are dedicated to making you healthier.

Clinical Compound Pharmacists:

Roderick G. Peters, R.Ph., PD

Terri L. Peters, R.Ph., PD